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At SKIN, it’s all about your skin … looking and feeling your best, the natural way!

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Organic Facial | Uplifting Facial Massage | Ole Henriksen Anti-Oxidant Facial | Organic Red Clay Mask Facial

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Skin Therapy Massage

Our very relaxing signature full-body massage using acupressure points. We use our self-made natural herbal oil for this treatment.

1 hour – 150 K
… add 30 minutes for only 65 k more.

Acupressure Massage

Revitalize your body and mind with this refreshing, energizing massage. It is a no-oil based massage where your therapist concentrates on the meridian circulation points.
Gentle, accurate pressure is applied to clear blockages within your energy flow (Qi).

1 hour – 160 K

La Stone Therapy Massage (hot stone)

Hot stone massage is a variation of the classic Swedish massage.
Your therapist will use stones as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage at a level of pressure comfortable to you.
Indulge yourself with the the beauty of our hot stone massage.

1 hour 30 minutes – 230 K

Lomi Lomi Hawaian Massage

This is a deeply massage in which your therapist will use her palms and the surface of her forearms.

1 hour – 170 K

Breast Treatment For Woman

Indulge yourself with this relaxing breast and stress relief treatment.

It starts with warm water treatment, followed by a gentle massage, continued by a relaxing (tightening) mask. During the mask exposure time you will receive a gentle head and should massage.

45 minutes – 200 K

Relaxing Back and Neck Massage

Our signature massage combined with acupressure points massage to relieve back and neck pain effectively.

30 minutes – 80 K

Body Expoliation and Massage

Recieve our signature exfoliating massage with our homemade herbal scrub (avocado, boreh, coconut or green tea) of your choice of.

2 hours – 285 K

Body Exploliatio with a luxurious exotic Flower Bath after treatment
2 hours 20 minutes – 350 K

only Body Expoliation without massage
1 hour – 160 K

! Flower Baths are only available at our SPAs in Sanggingan and Canggu!

Shirodara (Indian head massage)

Shirodara is the Ayurvedic way to restore vital balance to mind, body and spirit.
First you ll receive a head and neck massage, then your therapist pours warm herbal oils gently over your “third eye” chakra.

Meditate deeply or simply lose yourself to sensation!

Treatment finishes with hair wash and dry, and scalp massage.
For details about dosha balancing and the oils we use, please ask at our spa for our Ayurveda notebook.

! Shirodara is only available at our SPAs in Sanggingan and Canggu!

1 hour – 215 K.

Foot and Leg Circulation Treatment

Our complete foot and leg massage combining reflexology and acupressure points.

1 Hour – 120 K

Ayurveda Massage

Using therapeutic essential oils chosen to suit your personal mix of energies, your therapist will treat you to a unique massage designed to detoxify and cleanse your mind, body and spirit, and boost the effectiveness of your immune system.
This health-promoting treatment focuses on energy points throughout your body.

Ask at our SPA for our Ayurveda notebook and the dosa balancing.

Ayurveda Massage only at our SPAs on Jalan Sanggingan and Canggu.

1 hour 30 minutes – 280 K
and … Add Body Scrub and Flower Bath, .
(Save 30 from separate prices!)
2 hours 45 minutes – 450 K
Indulge Yourself!


Organic Facial

Relax and enjoy our Organic Facial!

  • Treatment begins with the application of our organic cream cleanser, a facial scrub, and fresh aloe vera.
  • Followed by applying ozone steam to your face to extract superficial impurities.
  • Then, enjoy a massage with organic honey and lime!
  • Afterward, your therapist applies fresh cucumber while she massages your hands, neck and shoulders.
  • The facial is complete with application of organic toner, eye serum and moisturizer.

With extractions: 1 hour 20 minutes – 295 K
Without extractions: 1 hour – 245 K

Easy way to look and feel your best!

Uplifting Facial Massage

Our facial massage technique applied regularly will help you look and feel younger.

We use pure raw honey and Vitamins C and E for this massage. It’s so pure you could eat it 🙂

35 minutes – 120 K

With rose hip oil – 165 K

Click here to learn more about Rose Hip Oil

Anti-Oxidant Facial

This uses organic, Balinese, high-quality, skin care products from Sensatia packed with nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants .

It starts with a cleansing and scrub.

Then enjoy an application of fresh aloe vera, followed by ozone steaming, extraction of any superficial impurities, and an exfoliating honey massage.

Next step the application of the face mask.

Revitalizes your skin while infusing hydrating and anti-aging nutrients.

See your skin glow with health!

1 hour 15 minutes – 320 K

Organic Red Clay Mask Facial

Starting with the organic cleanser, your therapist will massage your face with raw organic honey and lime.

Then enjoy an application of fresh aloe vera, followed by ozone steaming, extraction of any superficial impurities.

Next is the application of the organic red clay mask to your face and neck. For gentle additional potency, we add Vitamin E. As the mask dries, enjoy a massage of your shoulders and feet.

After the mask, your therapist will apply a cleansing toner and organic moisturizer.

Organic red clay is rich in trace elements. It cleans the skin, revitalizes your appearance and leaves your complexion looking radiant.

Suitable for all skin types – especially sensitive skin.

1 hour 15 minutes – 295 K

Nails, Hair, & Ears

Complete Manicure – The Best Around

Sit back and relax while we perform our signature 60 minute, 18 step manicure, which includes half-arm exfoliation, hand and arm massage, and your choice of buffing or OPI nail lacquer.

1 hour – 150 K
With gel polish 250 K (+30 min)

Complete Pedicure

Seat back and relax while we perform our signature 75 minutes, 18 step pedicure, which includes half-leg exfoliation, leg massage, and your choice of buffing or OPI nail lacquer.

1 hour 15 minutes – 170 K
With gel polish 270 K (+30 min)

Basic Manicure or Basic Pedicure

Cleaning the cuticles, cutting your nails and file your nails.

Includes your choice of buffing or OPI nail lacquer.

45 minutes – 120 K
With gel polish 220 K (+30 min)

Natural Hair Spa

Revitalize your hair and relax your mind with our popular hair creambath.

Your therapist will wash your hair with organic shampoo and conditioner, then give you a hair creambath using fresh avocado, aloe vera, coconut milk, lime, and other selected natural ingredients.

Next, enjoy a hot-towel hair steam followed by a neck and shoulder massage.

Finishing with a wash, the application of the hair tonic and dry your hair.

Our Hair Spa treatment is only available at our SPA’s on Jalan Sanggingan and Canggu.

1 hour – 155 K

Organic Beeswax Ear Candling

The candle therapy for your ears will bring you calm and comfort, balances energy, and reduces tension and stress.

While it cleanses difficult-to-reach parts of your ears, ear candling also is believed to relieve headaches (including migraine), dizziness, bad-smelling ears, and pimples.

We use only top-quality organic beeswax candles for our treatments.

Includes our rejuvenating ear and head massage.

40 minutes – 130 K

Organic Waxing

We use sugar wax and threading for our waxing treatments.


Bikini Line … 130 K

Brazilian … 175 K

Half Leg … 150 K

Full Leg … 270 K

Half Arm … 130 K

Full Arm … 190 K

Under Arm … 80 K

Belly and chest (For Man) … 215 K

Back and Neck (For Man) … 230 K

Neck only … 70 K

Eye Brow … 60 K

Upper Lip … 60 K

Lip and Chin … 85 K

Face Threading/Waxing … 200 K

Package Waxing / Threading

Treatments the way you want from the heart !

Package 1
  • Skin Therapy Massage
    with herbal oil
  • Organic Facial
    (without extractions)

2 hours – 350 K

  • With Extractions

2 hours 20 minutes – 390 K

Package 2
  • Pedicure complete
    with opi polish
  • Skin Therapy Massage
    with herbal oil

2 hours 15 minutes – 285 K

  • With Gel Polish

3 hours 45 minutes – 375 K

Package 3
  • Natural Hair Spa
  • Manicure complete
    with opi polish.

3 hours – 425 K

  • With Pedicure complete with OPI polish or Gel Polish

4 hours – 600 K

Package 4
  • Anti-Oxidant Facial
  • Hair Spa
  • Skin Therapy Massage

Package 4 is only available at our SPAs Jalan Sanggingan and Canggu.

3 hours 15 minutes 550 K

Package 5
  • Organic Facial
    (without extractions)
  • Manicure Complete

3 hours 30 minutes – 505 K

  • Pedicure Complete
    with gel polish (with extraction)

4 hours 30 minutes – 685 K

All-Day Package
  • Skin Therapy Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Flower Bath
  • Organic Facial 
  • Hair Spa
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure Complete
    with OPI polish

Duration about 6 hours

  • With extractions – 1,062 K
  • With gel polish – 1,262 K

A complimentary meal will be served.

The All-Day Package is only available at our SPA on Jalan Sanggingan.