Treatments the way you want from the heart !

Skin Therapy Massage

Our signature full-body massage using acupressure at selected points. Oil is a combination of highest-quality virgin coconut oil, sweet almond, Vitamin E, and pure essential oils. Very relaxing.

1 hour – 150 K
and … Add 30 minutes in your specified area, for only 60 more.
215 K.

Acupressure Massage

Uplifting and calming, acupressure is a gentle, no-oil massage where your therapist concentrates on your body’s meridian circulation points.
Gentle, accurate pressure is applied. This massage gets your blood moving and clears blockages.
Revitalize your body and mind with this refreshing, energizing massage.

1 hour – 160 K

La Stone Therapy Massage

Hot stone massage is a variation on classic Swedish massage.
An authentic hot stone massage is not simply the gliding of heated stones lightly upon the surface of the skin.
Rather, your therapist will use the stones as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage at a level of pressure comfortable to you.
Request light, medium or deep pressure, to add to the beauty of our hot stone massage technique.

1 hour 30 minutes – 230 K
Indulge Yourself!

Lomi Lomi Hawaian Massage

This is a deeply satisfying massage in which your therapist will use her palms and the surface of her forearms to deliver massage strokes, rather than using her hands.

1 hour – 170 K

Relaxing Back and Neck Massage

Our signature massage combined with Shiatsu meridian point massage to relieve back and neck pain effectively.

30 minutes – 80 K

Breast Treatment For Woman

Improve your breast health and stress relief, tighten with massage and mask.

45 minutes – 200 K

Body Expoliation and Massage

Your therapist will massage you with our skin-nourishing massage oil.
Then, she will give you an exfoliating massage with your choice of homemade herbal scrub – avocado, boreh, coconut or green tea.
After the exfoliation is complete, she will give you a warm fragrant cleansing, leaving your skin feeling soft and revitalized.

2 hours – 285 K
and … Add luxurious exotic Flower Bath after treatment.
2 hours 20 minutes – 350 K
or … Body Expoliation only (without massage)
1 hour – 160 K
Flower Bath only at our spa on Jalan Sanggingan.
Easy way to look and feel your best!


Shirodara is an Ayurvedic way to restore vital balance to mind, body and spirit.
Once you are relaxed with a head and neck massage, your therapist pours warm herbal oils, chosen to suit your personal mix of energies, gently over your “third eye” chakra.
Meditate deeply or simply lose yourself to sensation!
Treatment concludes with hair wash and dry, and scalp massage.
For details about dosha balancing and the oils we use, please ask at our spa for our Ayurveda notebook.
Shirodara only at our spa on Jalan Sanggingan.

1 hour – 215 K.

Foot and Leg Circulation Treatment

Complete foot and leg massage combining reflexology and Shiatsu point massage.

1 Hour – 120 K

Ayurveda Massage

Using therapeutic essential oils chosen to suit your personal mix of energies, your therapist will treat you to a unique massage designed to detoxify and cleanse your mind, body and spirit, and boost the effectiveness of your immune system.
This health-promoting treatment focuses on energy points throughout your body.
For details about dosha balancing and the oils we use, please ask at our spa for our Ayurveda notebook.
Ayurveda Massage only at our spa on Jalan Sanggingan.

1 hour 30 minutes – 280 K
and … Add Body Scrub and Flower Bath, for only 170 more.
(Save 30 from separate prices!)
2 hours 45 minutes – 450 K
Indulge Yourself!