SKIN Spa & Waxing Salon

Experience premium, anti-aging skin and body care at affordable prices in Bali, with certified therapists and sterilized equipment, in three locations in Bali.

SKIN Natural Spa & Waxing Salon – Canggu

SKIN Organic Spa & Waxing Salon – Goutama (Ubud)

SKIN Organic Spa  & Waxing Salon – Sanggingan (Ubud)

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We’re at Ubud & Canggu. Open daily from 10am – 8pm


Jalan Raya Semat,
close to Berawa Beach

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Goutama, Ubud

Center of Ubud,
24 Jalan Goutama

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Sangginang, Ubud

2,5km from Ubud Palace,
36 Jalan Sanggingan

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Our Treatments

Treatments the way you want from the heart.

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